THE First Minister will update parliament in the next two weeks on the route to indyref2, her spokesperson confirmed, as it was revealed the next white paper is likely to come out during the summer recess.

However, the exact topic of the next prospectus is not known, nor is the number of separate papers to expect.

The first blueprint setting out the case for independence was launched by the First Minister on Tuesday, and set out how the UK compares to 10 neighbouring countries on a wide range of topics including poverty levels, wealth and the gender pay gap.

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In a post-FMQs briefing, Nicola Sturgeon’s spokesperson told journalists that he expects the First Minister’s statement on the route to independence to be held before the summer recess on July 2. That gives the FM two weeks to make the statement so that parliament does not have to be recalled during the summer break.

Asked when the First Minister will be giving a formal statement to Holyrood, her spokesperson said: “She will bring forward, she will deliver an update to Parliament very soon. I would expect that to be before the summer recess and inform the debate as we go forward.”

Asked if the Referendum Bill will accompany the statement, the FM’s spokesperson said: “I’m not reviewing what's going to be in there.”

The spokesperson added: “I wouldn't rule out a publication of prospectus material during the summer recess.”

The National: The FM launched the first independence white paper on TuesdayThe FM launched the first independence white paper on Tuesday

On how those white papers will be revealed, the spokesperson said not to “assume” that each document will be accompanied by a press conference.

However, he added that the process the Scottish Government used to inform the parliament was the same as in 2013 when the white paper Scotland’s Future was launched.

He said: “Parliament was informed with a GIQ [Government Initiated Question].

“On process, going back to 2013 with the publicatioon of the white paper then, the process we followed the other day was exactly the same as we followed for the white paper.

“There was no issue in parliament at the time, it was accepted at the time of the publication of the white paper in 2013, which was a prospectus in its entirety, not just one aspect which is what Tuesday was.

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“It was published in 2013 with a GIQ, at the time I believe it was called an ICQ, and that was that.

“So we will continue to keep parliament informed as we go forward.”

After the First Minister’s press conference with Patrick Harvie in Bute House, Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson was banned for making a statement on independence and the prospectus by the Presiding Officer.

Alison Johnstone criticised the government for speaking to the media before informing parliament, adding that it was “unacceptable” MSPs weren’t told about the planned release of the document first.

The Scottish Parliament's summer recess runs from July 2 to September 4 2022.