TWO SNP MPs were instructed to correct the record after calling out Boris Johnson for his “lying” during an opposition day debate.

As members discussed standards in public life as part of a Labour debate, East Dunbartonshire MP Amy Callaghan first criticised the Prime Minister for his “partying, lying, amending the Ministerial Code and voter suppression” in the wake of the no-confidence vote.

Callaghan returned to Westminster earlier this year for the first time since suffering a stroke at the young age of 28.

Speaking in the Commons on Tuesday, she said: “The truth is we deserve better from our elected leaders and when they don’t live up to expectations, checks and balances should come into effect.

“They should prevent this very situation. They should maintain faith in our democracy, they should prevent a liar from ever residing in 10 Downing Street, but the system is broken, the scale is askew and only a strengthened ministerial code could set the House to rights.

“Where does this end? A lawbreaker has now been allowed to remain as Prime Minister because his own MPs say so. Partying, lying, amending the ministerial code, voter suppression, watering down human rights.”

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Deputy Commons Speaker Nigel Evans interrupted Callaghan and asked her to withdraw the word “lying”.

“I withdraw the word lying,” she replied.

She later took to social media to express her frustration with the Commons convention which prevents MPs from accusing each other of lying.

A number of MPs, including Dawn Butler and Ian Blackford, have been kicked out of the Chamber after refusing to withdraw the remark.

“Just had to withdraw my comment in the @HouseofCommons saying the Prime Minister had lied,” Callaghan explained.

“Lie and remain PM but call out those lies and risk being thrown out Parliament.

“This is UK politics in 2022.”

Supporters were upset with the system in which lying is permitted, but calling it out is not.

"Just watched it Amy," said one commenter. "It's outrageous and archaic that we cannot call for truth in Parliament. Spot on. Thank you."

Another slammed the set-up as "rank hypocrisy".

Later, Marion Fellows, MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, claimed Boris Johnson “breached the Ministerial Code by using terminological inexactitudes”, prompting Evans to intervene.

Fellows said: “The Prime Minister knew he had attended parties in Number 10, but he used weasel words to try to deny it. He breached the ministerial code by using terminological inexactitudes and for my constituents’ benefit that’s sometimes known by you as lying.”

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Evans interrupted saying: “Not having the word lying, it has been stressed by the Speaker at the beginning of this debate, so please will you withdraw the word lying.”

Fellows replied: “I will withdraw … the word lying and thank you for your guidance, Mr Deputy Speaker, but I think my constituents struggle a bit with terminological inexactitude.”

Her claims of “nae honesty either” – adding that the PM has a “well-hidden moral compass” – led to a second intervention by Evans.

He said: “Were you accusing the Prime Minister of being dishonest? Because, if so, can you withdraw that too please.”

Fellows replied: “Oh sorry, yes of course.”