THE most damning pictures from the Sue Gray report show Boris Johnson breaking Covid rules, hosting parties and apparently boozing in Downing Street. 

The full report, published on Wednesday morning, includes pictures towards the end of the dossier exposing rule-breaking by the Prime Minister and his staff during lockdown.

The National:

Some of the pictures have already been published by ITV News, including those from November 13, 2020 – a party Johnson specifically denied took place.

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Other figures are blurred out in the pictures but they clearly show empty wine glasses, bottles of booze and spreads of food.

The National:

One shows Johnson and head of the civil service Simon Case chatting and laughing at an event held for the Prime Minister’s birthday, while the Tory leader holds aloft a small can of Estrella.

The National:

Gray has condemned the “excessive” culture of boozing in Downing Street in the report.

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The National:

Her report is “damning” of the conduct of leaders within Government, who repeatedly broke the laws.

The report paints a picture of a widespread culture of lawbreaking in Downing Street, including staff getting into fights, one being sick during a party, some breaking Johnson's childrens' slide in the backgarden and organising drinking sessions, some of which lasted until the early hours of the morning.  

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The National:

Another section outlines how a panic alarm was accidentally triggered by staff and that a police officer on guard entered the building, reportedly witnessing a gathering, which appears not to have been broken up. 

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Police handed out 126 fines to 83 people in Downing Street following a probe into the partygate scandal.

But questions have been raised as to whether the Metropolitan Police properly investigated lawbreaking at the highest levels of power in the UK. 

The force has seen the pictures included in the report but Johnson has not been fined for the November 13, 2020 gathering.