SUE Gray’s long-awaited report into the partygate scandal has finally been published.

The senior civil servant’s investigation is critical of the culture in No 10, which led to the repeated violations of Covid restrictions.

Damaging further details, including the names of some of those who attended gatherings, have been published.

The report also revealed that 83 individuals attended events across Whitehall and Downing Street that were under investigation by the civil servant.

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Gray also said that she doesn't believe the events she investigated "reflected the prevailing culture in Government and the Civil Service at the time". 

The Prime Minister faced fresh demands to resign after Sue Gray’s report said the public would be “dismayed” by a series of breaches of coronavirus rules in No 10 and Westminster.

“The events that I investigated were attended by leaders in government. Many of these events should not have been allowed to happen,” she said.

The Metropolitan Police has issued 126 fines for rule breaches in No 10 and Whitehall, with the Prime Minister receiving a single fixed-penalty notice for his birthday party.

But senior civil servant Gray condemned the wider culture that had been allowed to develop under Johnson’s leadership.

The National: Photographs of Johnson surrounded by bottles of booze were included in the reportPhotographs of Johnson surrounded by bottles of booze were included in the report

The 37-page document sets out each event in detail and with Gray's findings, as well as numerous photographs of the Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the Cabinet Office room for the PM's birthday. 

In the conclusion of the report, Gray wrote: "Many of these events should not have been allowed to happen.

"It is also the case that some of the more junior civil servants believed that their involvement in some of these events was permitted given the attendance of senior leaders.

"The senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture."

The report continued: "Many will be dismayed that behaviour of this kind took place on this scale at the heart of Government.

"The public have a right to expect the very highest standards of behaviour in such places and clearly what happened fell well short of this.

"It is my firm belief, however, that these events did not reflect the prevailing culture in Government and the Civil Service at the time. Many thousands of people up and down the country worked tirelessly to deliver in unprecedented times."

The National: Blackford set the Gray report is utterly damningBlackford set the Gray report is utterly damning

Ian Blackford MP said: "This report is utterly damning and the sordid details highlight the culture of boozy rule-breaking that Boris Johnson presided over. 

"The findings also once again expose Boris Johnson's lies to Parliament and to the public.

"The Prime Minister's misconduct brings shame on the office he currently clings on to. He has displayed contempt - not only to Parliament - but to every single person who followed the rules: those who stayed away from family, those who missed funerals, those who lost someone they loved. 

"The failure of leadership came directly from the top. And the Prime Minister – in the words of the report - must bear responsibility for the culture.

"If the Prime Minister refuses to do the right thing and resign then it is incumbent upon Tory MPs to step up and to finally do the right thing and remove him from office.

"The bottom line is that the longer they leave Boris Johnson in office the more damage they will do to public trust in this out of touch and broken UK government."