The National:

A SCOTTISH Tory MSP is facing backlash over a post on social media responding to criticism of Russian money in London.

Jamie Greene has been urged by Twitter users to remove a bizarre message attacking an SNP supporter and her “indy pal” Alex Salmond, the leader of the Alba Party.

Greene is an MSP on the West Scotland regional list and has lost all three election races he has competed in as a candidate.

No wonder, if his response to people calling out the issue of oligarchs pumping cash into London is anything to go by...

A Twitter user had replied to a post by Greene with an image of Westminster, the BBC Russia news service logo and a caption reading “Londongrad”.

This was making reference to the vast amounts of Russian money in London – something we’d expect a Tory to know about.

Greene replied: “How’s your Indy pal Alex [Salmond] doing on Russia Today? When is he back on air? Look forward to him defending the bombing of a hospital…”

Salmond suspended his show on RT until further notice following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

Greene's remark sparked calls for its deletion and for Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross to intervene.

This isn’t the first time Greene has found himself in The Jouker’s diary.

In 2020, thanks was offered for his keen insight into Dominic Cummings’s breaching of lockdown, when he clarified that the then top Tory adviser was “not the Antichrist”.

He said: “I think Mr Cummings did make an error of judgement but look, do I think he’s the Antichrist? No I don’t. I think he’s made an error of judgement by making a journey that most people did not do during lockdown.”

Further back, responding to a Scottish Budget, he condemned the SNP government’s “shocking record on the economy” … for five years that had yet to happen.

Many asked if they could borrow the MSP’s time machine.

Today, he may regret having lost it.