TORY MSP Jamie Greene announced the shocking revelation that adviser Dominic Cummings is not, in fact, the Antichrist during a radio interview this morning.

The West Scotland MSP told Gary Robertson of Good Morning Scotland that the Prime Minister’s top aide made an error of judgement by travelling hundreds of miles to his parents' farm during lockdown while sick with Covid-19, but insisted he was not Satan for doing so.

At the beginning of the interview this morning Robertson asked Greene about the Scottish Tory leader’s views on Cummings’s 250-mile trip, which Carlaw revealed yesterday afternoon after a weekend of fence-sitting. The presenter simply asked: “Do you back the position of your leader on Dominic Cummings?”

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Greene sounded surprised: “My leader? Jackson Carlaw?”

Robertson responded: “Well you tell me.”

Once it was settled that it was Carlaw being discussed, not Johnson, Greene told the programme: “Well Jackson Carlaw is the leader of the Scottish Conservatives and he’s made his position clear on it.”

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Asked later for his own views on the row, Greene told the presenters: “My inbox is full from people who’ve been in contact over the last few days and I think the public mood is very clear on this, people are angry, people have been holed up for nine weeks and are following the Government’s advice and are not happy with what they’ve seen.

“I’ve heard that feedback, I’ve responded to those constituents and I share their view. I think Mr Cummings did make an error of judgement but look, do I think he’s the Antichrist? No I don’t. I think he’s made an error of judgement by making a journey that most people did not do during lockdown.”

Greene went on to say Cummings had given his explanation over two hours live on television, and it’s now “up to members of the public to believe what they want to believe”.

But none of us would believe he is the devil of course, thanks to Greene clearing that up for us there.

Later today Johnson is expected to take questions from the Liaison Committee, where it’s likely he will be grilled on the Cummings matter.

He has stuck by his controversial adviser since the story broke despite plummeting UK Government approval ratings and fury from the public.