BRITAIN has shown a “lack of humanity” and is not doing enough to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing war, France has claimed.

UK officials are turning back people who have travelled to Calais to escape the Russian invasion due to a lack of paperwork, according to the French interior minister.

In a letter to Patel, seen by the Agence France-Presse news agency, Darmanin said Britain’s response so far had been “completely unsuitable”.  

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Gerald Darmanin called on his British counterpart, Priti Patel, to set up a consulate in the French coastal town after reports emerged Ukrainians there were being told they would have to travel more than 130 miles to Brussels or even further to Paris to obtain visas.

He told Europe 1 radio: “I have twice contacted twice my British counterpart, I told her to set up a consulate in Calais.

“We have good relations with [Patel]. I am sure she is a decent person. I am sure she will solve this problem.”

It comes after Scotland Secretary Alister Jack wrote in Scotland on Sunday the UK Government was “opening our doors to those fleeing Russian violence”.

He wrote: “In Scotland we have a long and proud history of welcoming those fleeing danger and that tradition will continue.

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“Furthermore, for Ukrainians without UK family ties, we are developing a sponsorship scheme whereby people, communities and businesses can bring families to the UK. Again, there is no numbers limit on the scheme.

“We have also boosted staff in neighbouring countries to help Ukrainians get UK visas quickly.”

But France has said the UK should be doing more to help Ukrainian refugees in Calais.

Darmanin has called on Patel to set up a consular service in the coastal city “for the duration of this crisis” with the power to issue family reunification visas for Ukrainians trying to enter the UK.

That such services are available in Poland but not Britain’s nearest neighbour is “incomprehensible”, said Darmanin.

A UK Goverment spokesperson said: "The UK is focused on doing everything possible to help those fleeing the war in Ukraine, with an unprecedented scheme to quickly help tens of thousands of people from Ukraine to reunite with their families in the UK. Many have already successfully applied.

“Staff have been surged across Europe to support people in coming to the UK and all visa application centres remain open with thousands of appointments available to carry out essential security checks, and a dedicated helpline has been set up.

“The Ukrainian Family Scheme is already working and unlimited sponsorship route will be opening for Ukrainians without family ties in the UK so community groups, local authorities and others can sponsor and support those in need to come to the UK."