SCOTS have been urged to think ABOUT how their actions could affect vulnerable people following the announcement that the legal requirement for face masks will be scrapped in Scotland.

Speaking in Holyrood on Tuesday, Nicola Sturgeon said that from March 21, the law requiring face masks to be worn in indoor public spaces would be ditched.

However, guidance will remain in place recommending that they are worn.

Sturgeon said this would remain the case unless there were any “significant adverse developments”.

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Now, people across Scotland have been asked to be cautious and consider those more vulnerable to Covdid when making a decision on wearing masks.

Sanjeev Mann, a journalist with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and a development worker at Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance, hopes people will continue to wear masks after they are no longer legally required.

He told The National: "I can understand both sides of the argument, and I'm personally starting to come to terms with the fact that we do need to learn to live with Covid. For someone in my situation, I would obviously prefer masks to stay in place but I know that we can't continue to keep restricted forever.

“I'm hoping that people will still continue to wear masks but I can understand why some feel it's unfair to force people wear masks or anything for that matter."

Mann said he understood people in Scotland wanted to move past the virus but added that "we can't just forget it ever existed and move on".

He continued: "We need to acknowledge that everybody feels different about Covid and the restrictions so it's unfair to presume that everyone is over it, when so many people are still worried.

"We just need to understand these different opinions and continue to work together to help the situation instead of arguing about who’s right or wrong when we’ve all suffered, some more than others of course.”

Age Scotland chief executive, Brian Sloan urged Scots to be mindful of how not wearing a mask could impact those more vulnerable to the virus.

He told The National: “When restrictions began easing gradually, we heard concerns from older people, particularly those who had been advised to shield, feeling apprehensive about things returning to the ‘new normal’.

“We know that, while many will be eager to see the complete removal of legal restrictions, others will be feeling apprehensive as the measures still in place, including mandatory face coverings in busy public spaces and on public transport, have offered a sense of security and reassurance.

“However, as the wearing of face coverings will still be strongly recommended even after the legal requirement lifts, everyone should remain mindful of how their actions might affect those more vulnerable and take steps to prevent putting anyone at unnecessary risk.

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“Covid still poses a serious health risk for many, and we hope that older people will be supported to take things at a pace which is comfortable to them.

"Should anyone choose to continue wearing face coverings and keeping their distance even after we see the removal of legal restrictions, we would also encourage others to show consideration and ensure no-one feels targeted for doing so.”

Dr Lailah Peel, chair of the BMA’s Scottish junior doctors committee, added: “Covid is not a trivial disease and rates are still high.

"We need to ensure the most vulnerable people in society remain protected and whilst we need to balance getting back to normal with continued measures, we welcome ongoing advice that face masks will still be advised in certain circumstances.”