Browsing the new music releases coming out in Scotland is the perfect way to leave the January blues behind us where they belong. 

Whether you already have a dedicated Spotify playlist or you're looking to listen to something new, we've got you covered.

We have put together a list of some of the best new singles and albums that have been released in the last month and where you can listen to them. 

You can use this list to add to your collection, discover new artists and support local talent on your own doorstep. 

New Scottish albums

Transparency - Twin Atlantic

Release date: January 7 2022

Sam McTrusty and Ross McNae are back with a new album which they released at the beginning of January. 

The alternative rock band from Glasgow have released six albums over their career and you can listen to their work via all major streaming platforms. 

Staring at Mountains - Adam Ross

Release date: January 14 2022

You might recognise Adam Ross as Randolph Leap's front man but Staring At Mountains is his first solo album. 

The Skinny said that Ross' "storytelling and songwriting is still second to none here" and "his unique sense of humour and delightful rhyming couplets" can still be found in his solo material.

Staring at Mountains is available on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music. 

A ‘Ghrian - Niteworks

Release date: January 14 2022

A ‘Ghrian is Niteworks third album, following Air Fàir an Là which was longlisted for a  SAY Award. 

The new album is available to stream on Spotify as well as via the Bandcamp website.

Human Danger -  Louise McCraw

Release date: January 21 2022

"Human Danger is an exceptional debut, its 11 gleaming tracks as heavily indebted to 80s synth-pop," the Skinny reviewed. 

Each track in the album deals with a different aspect of danger in our lives from women's safety to discussions about Princess Diana and our failed pursuit for perfection.

The album will officially launch at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms on February 12. 

Human Danger is available on Spotify among other streaming platforms.

Scapa Foolscap - Pumajaw

Release date: January 21 2022

John Wills and Pinkie Maclure, also known as Pumajaw, have just released their latest album Scapa Foolscap. 

The eight-track album is available on popular streaming platforms like Spotify now.

The Blood, The Weight, The Weary - Tinderbox Orchestra and Kathryn Joseph

Release date: January 28 2022

The Blood, The Weight, The Weary is the result of a new collaboration between Tinderbox Orchestra and Kathryn Joseph. 

The EP was launched at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall as part of the Celtic Connections festival. 

Stream the new album via the Bandcamp website.

Handstands - Beerjacket

Release date: January 28 2022

Scottish folk singer-songwriter, Peter Kelly or Beerjacket, has released his album which he wrote and recorded in the last year. 

You can listen to Handstands on Spotify, Bandcamp and more.

The Lightness of the Dread - Michael Timmons

Release date: January 29 2022

East Kilbride-born Michael Timmons has just released his second album with Gargleblast Records.

The singer-songwriter's new work follows the grief he experienced after the death of his father.

The Lightness of Dread is available on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music. 

New Scottish singles

Poison - Billy Got Waves

Release date: January 21 2022

Edinburgh's Scottish hip-hop artist Billy Goyt Waves has released a "hypnotic" single called Pison, the Skinny has said. 

The single will be followed by a three-part album that will follow "one of the darkest parts of Billy's life."

You can listen to the new single on all the major streaming platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and more.

The Darkness Of Your Life - Astrid

Release date: January 21 2022

Astrid has returned with a new single - their first new material since their 2019 album 'Fall Stand Dance'. 

The single is available now across popular streaming platforms as well as a limited run of 300 7-inch vinyl records.

These are available exclusively through mail order, or at their upcoming UK tour dates.

See the full UK tour dates via the Astrid music website.

Shelf Life -  Lou McLean and Berta Kennedy 

Release date: January 24 2022

Shelf Life is a debut collaborative effort from "Dolly Parton of Leith" Lou McLean and Berta Kennedy who was recently featured on BBC Radios Scotland’s ‘Artists to Watch in 2021’.

You can listen to their collaborative single on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more.

Shone - Slim Wrist, fka Super Inuit

Release date: January 28 2022

Edinburgh duo Brian Pokora and Fern Morris from Slim Wrist have just released their new single Shone. 

You can listen to the Electro-pop duo's new single on Soundcloud among other streaming sites.