A TORY councillor who was found to have run an anonymous Twitter troll account has been allowed to stand for re-election in May in what is being described as a "serious failure of leadership" for Douglas Ross.

Angus councillor Derek Wann was exposed by the Courier earlier this year for running the Lady Whistledown troll account on Twitter that sent targeted abuse at local politicians and was described as "misogynistic and transphobic" by opposition councillors.

He admitted to running the account after initially denying it was him and stepped down from the council along with another Tory councillor, Braden Davy, who was found to be involved in a Facebook group encouraging people to tactically vote for him in May's Holyrood elections. 

Wann has been tasked with taking part in "ongoing social media training" by the Scottish Conservatives for his part in Twitter trolling and looks set to stand for re-election.

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His continued involvement in the Scottish Tory party after being exposed to having lied about his behaviour has been described as a "serious failure of leadership" for Douglas Ross.

Dundee City West SNP MSP Joe FitzPatrick said that it is "no surprise" to see the news considering the Scottish Tories are "often characterised by intemperate, vitriolic and bile-filled politics".

Calling for Ross to reconsider his position, FitzPatrick said: "This is a serious failure of leadership from Douglas Ross – by allowing Derek Wann to not only stay in his party, but permitting him to stand for elected office again, he is effectively turning a blind eye to his misconduct.

"On one level that is no surprise, given that the Scottish Tory party is now too often characterised by intemperate, vitriolic and bile-filled politics.

"Derek Wann said some abhorrent things on his Twitter troll account, comments that were miles away from what is befitting of an elected representative. The Tories should have come down hard on him, but instead he gets away with a slap on the wrist.

"Douglas Ross should seriously reconsider this decision and throw Derek Wann out of the Tory party. If he does not then he will be sending a message that this type of behaviour is completely acceptable."