NEW evidence has arisen that a Tory councillor may be behind a pro-Union troll Twitter account which described Nicola Sturgeon as "Bute House Golem".

Derek Wann, who serves on Angus Council for Arbroath East and Lunan, was linked to an anonymous account called "Lady Whistledown" after it shared a link to a council press release - where he was the only person quoted -  with the caption "my comments".

Wann had posted the same press release on his official Facebook page just 15 minutes prior.

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Social media users theorised Lady Whistledown's post had been intended for an official account, claiming Wann had outed himself.

The Courier first reported on the story, but The National has found further evidence linking the councillor with the account. The councillor has denied the allegations.

The Lady Whistledown account, under the username AngusFreeofSNP, was filled with vicious posts criticising the First Minister - including one calling her a "f****** ned" and plenty retweeting of Unionist antagonists, prior to its deletion on Wednesday afternoon.

The profile, which had 115 followers and a profile picture of Marilyn Monroe, reads: “Support Scotland in the Union not a separatist”.

The National:

The National:

Now, The National has discovered that the mobile phone number linked to the Twitter account has the same last two numbers as Wann's.

Wann has so far not responded to The National’s request for comment, but the Lady Whistledown account was deleted an hour after we lodged the request regarding the mobile number similarities.

A second Angus councillor, independent Tommy Stewart, also has the same digits at the end of his council mobile number. When contacted, Stewart said he doesn’t have a Twitter account, use the site, or intend to.

The National:

The National: The Courier reported that Wann denies running the anti-SNP account fashioned after the anonymous newsletter and gossip-spreading columnist in Netflix’s hit series Bridgerton.

But instead of royal courts and romantic tittle-tattle, this "Lady Whistledown" was much more concerned with political attacks on the SNP and the First Minister.

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As well as the press release, there are some similarities between Lady Whistledown and Wann’s posts.

There were two similarly worded posts hitting out at Scottish Labour’s election candidate Grame McKenzie who had posted campaign materials in the wrong Angus constituency.

The National:

At 2.11pm on April 26, the Lady Whistledown account wrote: “Ouch – does the labour candidate really think Forfar is in Angus South?

“How could anyone support a candidate that is leafleting the wrong town. Parachuted in.”

Exactly two minutes later, Wann shared a post on his Facebook page which read: “Labour candidate for Angus South is leafleting Forfar – when you parachute a candidate in, you surely provide them with a geography lesson.

"How can anyone support locally a candidate that doesn’t even leaflet in the right town?”

The National:

The National: This Lady Whistledown is also apparently a fan of false flag parties. Commenting on an article regarding Independent Green Voice, a pro-Union front which could have cost the Scottish Greens two regional seats, the account said simply: “Thank God for Independent Greens.”

LibDem councillor Ben Lawrie said he has been aware of the account since the end of last year and that it “appears to be an anonymous account used for criticising political opponents and promoting the aims of the Conservative Party in Angus”.

He said that he thinks parts of the content from the Whistledown account displays a level of knowledge about the inner workings of the council that go beyond a general member of the public.

The National:

He said: “The account posts some pretty unsavoury stuff, targeted criticisms directed at accounts of local politicians as well as retweeting misogynistic and transphobic content.

“I can understand why the author of these tweets would not want to be associated with them, instead opting to remain anonymous.

“If this person turned out to be one of my fellow councillors I would be deeply disappointed in them. It’s downright cowardly.”

The National:
Wann (pictured above) denied running the account, and said he had discussed with colleagues that there may be a vendetta against him.

He said: “It’s definitely not my account, I can tell you that 100%.

“At the end of the day, I have no comment because it’s not my account. If somebody is putting this online, there’s not much I can do.

“It could be somebody I know but I don’t think it is.

“My Facebook account is open, my councillor Twitter account is open. It bewilders me that this is being linked to me in any way.”