A MAJOR US newspaper has hailed Nicola Sturgeon's success at COP26 in making a role for herself after the Tories tried to sideline her at the conference.

The Washington Post described the First Minister's "scrappy" nature, political savvy and consistency in messaging as she made a space for herself at COP26.

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Boris Johnson was reported to have said that he did not want Sturgeon "anywhere near" the climate summit and gave her no official role, despite it taking place in Scotland's largest city.

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The Post wrote that, despite being sidelined by the UK Government, Sturgeon "carved out a role for herself on the sidelines" of the summit.

Titled With Irn-Bru and climate-funding pledges, Scotland’s leader made a role for herself at COP26, the Washington Post article highlighted the FM's presence at talks with climate activists Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate, US house speaker Nancy Pelosi, her interactions with high-profile politicians (including the US president), as well as her announcements of Scotland's financial commitment to climate justice.

The Post's London correspondent, Karla Adam wrote: "Sturgeon is scrappy. She carved out a role for herself on the sidelines of the United Nations summit, touting Scotland’s green credentials and also, sometimes more subtly than others, reminding people that Scotland is a semiautonomous nation — something she’d like to change."

Highlighting Sturgeon's announcement that Scotland would be pledging £2 million to a fund to help loss and damage caused by climate change - the first government to do so - the article said that this was a note the FM hit repeatedly for showing Scotland is a leader on climate "but independence would mean it could do more".

After Sturgeon's pledge to the loss and damage fund, Bangladeshi climate expert Saleemul Huq hailed Sturgeon as the "true leader" to emerge from the summit.

The messaging from the SNP was also consistent throughout with Adam noting full-page adverts in Scottish newspapers as the summit kicked off that read: “A nation in waiting welcomes the nations of the world.”

The National:

“Scotland helped lead the world into the industrial age. Now we’re proud to help lead the world into the net zero age,” the ads read. “While not yet an independent nation, we’re more than ready and able to play our part on the global stage at COP26.”

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This, the article stresses, was not meant as "opportunistic spin" but as a push to show that Scotland, as a small nation, is doing its bit to combat climate change and exposing a "lack of willingness for others to step up to the plate”.

Looking at the SNP-Green co-operation deal, the article highlights that the Scottish Government is "more green" than the British "in ambition and rhetoric".

The article also touched on the independence debate but said that it is currently unclear whether anything that happened at the summit would move the needle.

You can read the full article With Irn-Bru and climate-funding pledges, Scotland’s leader made a role for herself at COP26 by clicking the link.