WE want the National to be fighting on the frontlines as Scotland bids to secure its independence – and we need your help to do so.

The National has a range of subscription plans on offer – including a £2 for two months' subscription if you're keen to test the waters.

It’s only with the support of our subscribers that we can invest in the hard-hitting journalism and projects that make the case for Yes ever stronger.

Maybe you’re already a subscriber, signing up because you love the writing of David Pratt, Lesley Riddoch and many more top voices featuring on our pages.

The National: National columnist David Pratt said the silence was deafening from the Scottish Government on indyref2

But if you’re not, we want to make clear what you’d be supporting by giving us your support through a subscription.

It was the support of subscribers that let us erect billboards across Scotland making clear the truth of the Unionist mindset.

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We released a special edition with the McCrone Report inside, highlighting the UK’s squandering of Scotland’s oil wealth, thanks to subscriber backing.

The National:

One of our most-read stories this year was a report in February about a 21st consecutive poll finding majority support for Yes – we make sure such stories are covered and visible on newsstands across Scotland, while others try to conceal that momentum.

We’ve introduced our new National Extra offering too – commissioning figures from across the independence movement to analyse and offer a fresh perspective on the major stories of the day as they happen.

The National:

Our paper has taken on the UK Home Office several times and helped keep victims of the hostile environment in the country.

And, when called for, we're not afraid of taking risks with our front page:

The National:

But we want to do more. Covid-19 has meant an end to our popular National roadshows, so we’re planning livestreams bringing Q&A and debate sessions with key contributors to your home.

We want to do more investigations so that we can keep holding the BBC and Unionist politicians to account.

We’ve got big plans to produce more exclusive video content and contests providing the Yes movement with additional resources – such as our Sunday National Yessay competition.

And The National listens to its subscribers. When you told us the comments section was filled with Unionist trolls, we acted, restricting it to subscribers.

Plus, nobody knows the indy movement better than our subscribers do, so we know your voice is crucial.

All you need to do to support The National, our writers and our campaigning is sign up for a subscription.

When you head over to our subscriptions page at https://www.thenational.scot/subscribe/ you’ll see three options:

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Our £2 for two months' offer can be found under the “Premium Plus” plan – again, that’s £2 for two months, then £9.99 monthly afterwards if you choose to stick with us.

With that subscription, you’ll see 80% fewer adverts on our website and have unlimited access to all our stories, including premium articles.

You’ll have access to our daily Pagesuite edition, a digital replica of the newspaper, including the Sunday.

Plus: apps, gift incentives and free access to the Scottish Gardener, Scottish Mountaineer and Scottish Walks and Cycling magazines.

All that said, we want The National to be about more than perks – we want you to support us because you see it as an investment in the independence cause and in helping to move our nation away from toxic Tory Britain.

Plus, which other newspaper has got closer to the Euro 2020 trophy than your National?

The National:

Thank you for your support.

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Stewart Ward, subscriptions and engagement editor, The National