THE first music festival to be held in support of Scottish independence is set to take place in Glasgow’s famed Clutha bar on November 20. It’s called Yestival, and all are welcome.

The organisers emphasise the event will have no political speeches and is not affiliated to any political party. Instead it will be a day of music by plenty of acts.

It is open to all supporters of Scottish independence and their friends, and will certainly be entertaining.

The hosts will be Pat Lee and Shaun Moore and confirmed performers so far include Reely Jiggered, Pepper Jock, Hesu, Pete Scally and The Carlton Jug Band.

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The Yestival will start at 2pm and is expected to run to 10pm, and entry is free. For those unable to make it to Glasgow, there will be a live broadcast by Independence Live, which brings us neatly to news about Scotland’s pioneering online broadcasters.

They told us: “We are doing our last crowdfunder of the year that can be found at

“If you follow the crowdfunder donation link on that page it takes you to the payment page that is on the IndyLive Radio website where we give more information on the reasons for donation.”

Independence Live have set an ambitious target of £8,500 and if the message gets out to the Yes movement that should be achievable.

Independence Live have expanded their online shows that now include Scotonomics, TNT Show, Building the Scottish State Show, TUS, The Scottish Whisky Show and Scottish Food Show.

A spokesperson said: “We need your support to help pay for the various running costs of Independence Live including software, services, internetand extra equipment when required. The crowdfunder is to keep Independence Live (2013) and IndyLive Radio (2019) going and telling Scotland’s story as we work towards Scottish independence.”

To mark the upgrade in their output, Independence Live have changed their logo which now says “Telling Scotland’s Story”.

Independence Live will be covering the #COP26Glasgow march and rally next Saturday, November 6, and will be broadcasting to the world.

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They told us: “We will be putting it out to our social media network including YouTube:

“One of the speakers for this event will be Greta Thunberg. There will be an indy block that people can join. AUOB will be forming one of the indy blocks.

We will be producing our own shows for #COP26 that can be found listed on our new updated website

"In addition we will also be livestreaming events for others.”