PREPARATIONS are well under way for the march through Glasgow on November 6, which will include All Under One Banner’s hopefully large contingent making the case for Scotland to regain its independence.

The COP26 Coalition will be marching as part of the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. All Under One Banner’s block is part of the overall event, as approved by Glasgow City Council and facilitated by Police Scotland, and those wishing to take part should gather at Kelvingrove Park for a 12.30pm start.

The Coalition says: “We are organising decentralised mass mobilisations across the world, bringing together movements to build power for system change – from indigenous struggles to trade unions, from racial justice groups to youth strikers.”

The cause of Scottish independence is certainly a struggle, and the march is a chance to put the case for both climate justice and independence to the world leaders and the 25,000 delegates.

The National can reveal that AUOB have come up with a chant that cleverly combines the cause of independence and climate justice. We will give more details next week before the march, and as the route and procession order is still to be finalised we suggest you read the Yes DIY page on November 3, when we will provide all the necessary information.

A spokesperson for AUOB said: “On November 6, activists are mobilising to fill the streets of Glasgow with protesters to demand action on climate justice and environmental progress.

“Boris Johnson wants to exclude the Scottish Government from the summit. All Under One Banner calls on supporters and Yes activists across Scotland to join the march and bring the demand for independence to the mobilisation.On November 6 the world will be watching us so let’s see a huge turnout making clear that we want independence and climate justice.”

This march is the big one – and AUOB should be congratulated for playing their part. No other marches are being permitted in Glasgow during COP26, except for Remembrance Sunday processions and a number of small Orange Walks.

Meanwhile, it looks like there will be a lively Zoom discussion on November 2 at 7pm, when Yes Dunfermline & West Fife will host a discussion on an alternative path to Scottish self-government in the light of Westminster parties’ repeated refusal to countenance a second referendum.

Leading the discussion will be David Henry and members of the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group. The meeting is on Zoom. Registration is free on Eventbrite – just search for Yes Dunfermline.