A SCOTS language poet who has seen enormous success online for her “Scots word of the day” videos has been forced off social media by trolls.

Len Pennie, who goes by the name Miss PunnyPennie, said she will be taking a break from Twitter after receiving abuse on the platform.

The award-winning poet has been lauded for her use of the Scots language and has racked up thousands of fans across Twitter and TikTok, with her Twitter account alone being followed by more than 118,000 people.

However, her work has been targeted, often by older men and anonymous Twitter accounts, leaving her on the receiving end of hateful abuse.

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As well as being a popular poet online, Pennie has been a strong advocate for mental health, having written about her own struggles in the past and calling out some of the misogyny she has been subjected to.

Responding to one such attack on the platform, Pennie said: “Jesus Christ. I dinnae think I'm cut oot fur this, so I'm gonnae tap oot so yous can read ma poyums an no ma obituary.

“I'm gonnae gie ma account tae a pal tae post the word. I'm sorry."

Pennie is referring to her famous Scots word of the day, in which she picks a Scots word and explains its meaning.

Pennie has been subjected to a hate campaign since her appearance at Transpoesie 21 last month, an EU-funded poetry event that celebrates linguistic diversity.

The event was promoted by staff at the Scottish Government’s office in Brussels.

Pennie has also been attacked by some Unionist Twitter users such as George Galloway, who have suggested her use of her native Scots is contrived and promotes separatism.

Amid the abuse, many people have thrown their support behind the 22-year-old poet and denounced the abuse of women online – especially in light of the conviction of Wayne Couzens, the police officer who raped and murdered Sarah Everard.

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Director of the Scots Language Centre Michael Dempster, tweeted: "A cannae condemn strangly eneuch or aften eneuch the abuse @Lenniesaurus gets on this platform.

"She's a braw sowel thit haes duin wunners fir Scots, an her wark haes deeply touched millions. A try tae uise this accoont tae celebrate aw Scots - an Lennie is ane tae celebrate!"

While the artistic director of the Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, David Greig said: “Don’t use misogyny to silence young women.”