KEIR Starmer is facing a backlash for “ignoring” a young activist calling for action to help the environment.

UK Labour are currently holding a five-day conference, set to end on Wednesday, in Brighton.

As Starmer was walking to an interview, he was asked about his plans by a young Labour Party member.

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A clip of the moment has gone viral online, with Starmer facing criticism for his lack of acknowledgement of the woman walking next to him.

In the video, campaigner Emma de Saram repeatedly says: “Hi Keir, I’m a Labour Party member and I’m also part of Green New deal Rising. Are you going to be committing to the £85bn we need to transition to a green economy?”

After he enters the building he’s walking to, she adds: “We just tried to talk to Keir Starmer about backing the Green New Deal bill and the £75bn we need to transition to a green economy.

“He literally completely ignored me.

“So is this how he treats his Labour members? Is this how he treats young people, future generations, not committing to the Green New Deal? Yeah. Wow.”

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The Labour leader’s supporters have defended his approach, saying he has answered the group before and that he pointed out prior that he was already running late to an interview with Andrew Marr.

However, it was branded by many as emblematic of how Labour treats young members.

Meanwhile, Labour's shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves said the tax system is "stacked" against high-street firms, with the party setting out plans to shift the burden to online giants like Amazon.

Reeves said she would freeze business rates next year if she was in No 11, while also offering a cut for small firms, paid for by hiking digital taxes.

The move comes as Labour seeks to get its conference in Brighton back on track following internal rows over party rules, criticism of Starmer after he ruled out nationalising energy giants and the fallout from Angela Rayner's attack on the "scum" in Boris Johnson's Cabinet.