The National:

ANAS Sarwar has confirmed what most political observers already knew - that Scottish Labour is only pretending to function.

According to STV’s Kathryn Samson, who is in Brighton reporting on the Labour conference, Sarwar made the admission at a “Friends of Scotland” event.

The Scottish Labour leader was speaking alongside Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham when he made the comment.

He told the room that he was “not in this to manage the decline of the Scottish Labour Party” - which will come as some surprise to anyone who has seen him managing the decline of the Scottish Labour Party.

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Sarwar also said: “We pretended we had a functioning Labour Party in Scotland to get through an election.”

We’re not sure how well that pretence was kept up to be honest Mr Sarwar.

With the party returning its lowest number of MSPs since the onset of devolution, and with lonely Ian Murray looking less and less relevant by the day, it's quite clear that Scottish Labour is floundering.

Internal divisions over indyref2 haven’t helped the facade of a united front much either.

“We will do our very best to rebuild the Labour Party in Scotland, but people need to believe UK Labour can win again,” he also reportedly said.

Good luck with that.