ARLENE Foster is joining GB News as a political pundit in her first public role since resigning as Northern Ireland’s first minister.

The former DUP leader was announced as a new contributor on the Political Correction show, hosted by Nigel Farage.

Foster hailed the “opportunity” to shine a spotlight on politics in Northern Ireland.

She said: “It is very exciting to be here. First of all I see it as an opportunity to have a space for civilised discussion in a meaningful way.

"Very often political programmes are very sort of short and snappy and there is not an opportunity to develop stories so that is one of the reasons.

"Of course the second reason is to bring Northern Ireland very much into the mainstream of UK politics and it is something I feel very passionate about and something I thought as a student a very long time ago.

"That is the opportunity here in GB News and I am very much looking forward to it.”

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The move comes shortly after she was the subject of an embarrassing gaffe on the right-wing news channel.

Foster was mistaken for former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips by her new colleague Farage.

The former FM was not phased by the blunder, however. She commented: “To be fair I do love Arlene Phillips and love it when we get mixed up – she may not be as pleased!”

The Unionist politician was ousted from the DUP in May, having led the party since 2015.

Farage and GB News recently came under attack for a “revolting” report from the English Channel.

Farage, presenting the segment from a boat, pointed out a dinghy which is believed to be carrying people who are trying to make their way to British shores.

The GB News presenter speculated that the boat was “probably stolen”.

He added that the vessel, which doesn’t appear to have an engine, would be in serious danger were the sea not so calm.

“They’ve got a lovely day,” Farage said. “If the weather was to puff up, that’d be the end of that lot.”

Scotland’s Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson replied: “The lack of humanity on display here by both Nigel Farage and GB News is a disgrace.

“There was a time when the UK willingly helped refugees. Now the outriders for Little Brexit Britain film them like zoo animals. #Notinmyname”