GB News and Nigel Farage have been denounced over a “ghastly” report on migrant crossings in the English channel.

The “revolting” segment, which was posted on social media, sparked calls for the broadcaster to be taken off air.

Farage, reporting from a ship, points to a dinghy in the background which is believed to be carrying people who are trying to make their way to British shores.

The GB News presenter speculates that the boat is “probably stolen”.

He adds that the vessel, which doesn’t appear to have an engine, would be in serious danger were the sea not so calm.

“They’ve got a lovely day,” Farage says. “If the weather was to puff up, that’d be the end of that lot.”

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The comments have been condemned as callous and incendiary by SNP politicians.

Scotland’s Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson replied: “The lack of humanity on display here by both Nigel Farage and GB News is a disgrace.

“There was a time when the UK willingly helped refugees. Now the outriders for Little Brexit Britain film them like zoo animals. #Notinmyname”

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SNP colleague John Nicolson MP added: “’If the weather was to change that would be the end of that lot’. He’s talking about human beings dying. Revolting man.

“Sooner this ghastly channel falls off air the better.”

Farage announced last week that he would be presenting a daily show on GB News following the channel’s meltdown over a presenter taking the knee.

Guto Harri was suspended by the channel after making the anti-racism gesture on air. He has since resigned.

In a video announcing Farage’s appointment, the former UKIP and Brexit party leader announced he would “not be taking the knee for anyone”.