NATIONAL editor Callum Baird has spoken to BBC Radio Scotland about the Italian manager Roberto Mancini flying home with a copy of The National's viral front page.

Saturday's front page featured a mocked-up image of Mancini ahead of the Euro 2020 final that saw Italy beat England on penalties at Wembley on Sunday night.

The front page generated huge amounts of interest not just in Scotland but across the UK and around the world.

Indeed, Mancini even acknowledged it himself ahead of the game, adding that it "did make me chuckle". It shows the Azzurri boss as William Wallace in Braveheart with the message "Save us Roberto, you're our final hope".

Following Italy lifting the Henri Delaunay Cup last night, there were celebrations across Scotland as people rejoiced in Italy winning against Scotland's oldest footballing rivals.

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Mancini must have enjoyed The National copy so much that he was able to get his hands on a copy (despite it not being available in London) as he is seen on the team's flight home to have the newspaper sitting next to him, resting under the trophy.

Baird spoke about the reaction to the front page and the video showing Mancini with a copy on BBC Radio Scotland's Drivetime show with host John Beattie.

He said: "I don't know whether it was staged or not. It certainly looks staged because the newspaper is very clearly in a position where you can see it right next to the trophy.

"We just thought it hilarious that Roberto 'The Bruce' Mancini, as we've been calling him, is sitting next to two things - one a copy of our newspaper and two, the trophy."

Asked if The National gave the copy to the team, Baird said that we have put an appeal out to find out who actually sent it to them.

Who gave Roberto Mancini his copy of The National? Help us find out

The National has also bought Mancini a Scotland top with "The Bruce" on the back as well as gifting the entire team lifetime subscriptions to The National.

"We knew it was going to wind people up and it wound most of the right people up."

Asked about the image stoking an "anyone but England" sentiment Baird said that it was "a bit of fun".

He continued: "This England team is certainly a lot more likeable than some of the teams that have been there in the past. They've got some real admirable people, from Southgate to Rashford to Sterling, but they're still our football rivals.

"Celtic fans aren't expected to like Rangers if Rangers appoint a likeable manager and vice versa.

"It's all part of the game and part of the fun. I think most English fans took it in that spirit."

Listen to the full interview on BBC Radio Scotland's Drivetime show below:

The full Drivetime show can be listened to HERE