A VIDEO of the Italian national team celebrating their win against England after lifting the Euro 2020 trophy has circulated widely on social media after it was posted this morning.

The video sees the Azzurri flying home and enjoying the glory of being the champions of Europe after beating England at Wembley on penalties.

The manager of the squad, Roberto Mancini, is seen in one shot with the trophy sitting in a seat next to him, and eagle-eyed viewers noticed something just underneath the Henri Delaunay Cup.

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It was none other than The National's viral front page with Mancini himself emblazoned across it asking him to save Scotland from another 55 years of England talking about winning a trophy. 

Yes, the image is real, as you can see in the video clip below. 

It seems like Mancini heard our calls as the Italian squad maintained composure at Wembley Stadium throughout the 120 minutes of game time and won on penalties.

The first user to notice the front page appeared to be Twitter user @_AndrewAngus who shared the screenshot.

While England had a successful run through the tournament, there were only two teams they couldn't beat - Italy and Scotland.

The tweet has garnered a lot of attention so far with many noting the humour of it and one user on Twitter noting that: "The National newspaper has touched more Euros trophies than the entire England squad."

Unlucky lads, you'll get there someday.

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Others applauded the "sh*thousery" of the Italian manager even picking up a copy of the paper with many Unionists and many in the English media not happy about it since it was first shared on Friday night.

Another user saying: "The trophy going home happily rested on a newspaper bearing an image of Mancini mocked up as Braveheart. Absolutely outstanding shithousery from the Italians.

"The Unionists will be absolutely fuming at this development."

No matter what way you look at it, considering we've had weeks of "It's coming home" from English fans and media, many could do nothing but laugh at the "peak banter" of the situation with another saying the paper would likely be getting framed by Mancini.

You might have noticed that a lot of the English media and other sources thought the front page was not on. Most people took it as just a bit of light-hearted banter.

Kevin Rinchey said: "You’ve got to hand it to @ScotNational they got criticism for what I personally saw as very funny banter, but what an impact. On the lap of the winning manager!"

Who gave Roberto Mancini his copy of The National? Help us find out

Others saw an opportunity to further the independence cause with one Cameron Paterson suggesting someone should get in touch with Mancini to "see if he'll endorse a second independence referendum".

Another user sad independence is now "essential" for Scotland for no other reason than to give Mancini "honorary citizenship".

We even seem to have converted a few readers, for a short while at least.

One Scott Macdonald said: "I take back everything bad I've ever said about @ScotNational. Today. Normal service resumes tomorrow."

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It was good while it lasted Scott, come back any time and we'll be happy to have you.

The front page of Saturday's paper was widely seen across the UK and around the world, but we cover more than just sport in this paper. So, what article in that edition do you think was Mancini's favourite?