ITALY’S dramatic victory over England in the Euro 2020 final sparked scenes of joy in Scotland as fans took to the streets to express their delight.

Spontaneous celebrations erupted in Glasgow and Edinburgh after Roberton Mancini’s side won on penalties at Wembley.

It was a heartbreaking moment for Gareth Southgate's young side and supporters south of Border were inevitably desolate.

But it was a different story for many viewers in Scotland, with fans marking the triumph in style.

Former SNP MSP Toni Guigliano filmed revelers who gathered next to Queen’s Park in Glasgow’s south side.

Fans danced in the street as passing motorists beeped their horns.

Giugliano tweeted: “Cars are tooting furiously – is this Scotland or Rome?!!”

Locals also said fireworks were set off at the end of the penalty shoot-out.

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Meanwhile, even larger crowds gathered in the city centre.

Hundreds of people massed in George Square, waving Italian flags and soaking up the party atmosphere.

In Edinburgh, the result sparked a chorus of car horns across the city.

England’s defeat sparked ugly scenes in London, with police chiefs condemning fans after several officers were injured.

A total of 19 Metropolitan Police officers were hurt while confronting “volatile crowds”, the force announced. Some 49 people were arrested.

The Metropolitan Police Federation, the body which represents thousands of London's police, responded: "These people should be ashamed of themselves. They are not fans. They are thugs. We wish our injured colleagues well."