NICOLA Sturgeon has announced sweeping changes to the coronavirus lockdown levels across Scotland.

While some areas of Scotland will move down a Level to less stringent restrictions, others will not. The First Minister said this was to err on the side of caution and prevent the virus from taking hold.

The Level changes across Scotland are as follows:

Level 3 and moving down:

Glasgow City, which has remained on the stricter Level 3 while all other areas of the country moved down to Level 2, will be allowed to move down to the less stringent level of restrictions.

This means that, from one minute past midnight on Saturday June 5, Glasgow City will be on Level 2.

Under these restrictions up to six people from three households can meet in a private home and stay overnight.

Up to six people from three households can meet in an indoor public place like a café, pub or restaurant, and up to eight people from eight households outdoors.

Level 2 and staying put:

Some areas of Scotland will remain on Level 2, despite having previously been scheduled to move to Level 1. 

These areas are:

- Edinburgh

- Midlothian

- Dundee

- East Dunbartonshire

- Renfrewshire 

- East Renfrewshire

- East Ayrshire

- North Ayrshire

- South Ayrshire

- North Lanarkshire

- South Lanarkshire

- Clackmannanshire

- Stirling

The First Minister said that the decision to keep these areas on Level 2 would be “very disappointing” for businesses hoping to reopen under Level 1, but said that financial support would be in place.

Finance Secretary Kate Forbes is due to announce the details of this support tomorrow.

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Level 2 and moving down:

Other local authority areas in Scotland have seen a marked reduction in the number of Covid cases and will be allowed to move to Level 1 from Level 2 at one minute past midnight on Saturday June 5.

These areas are:

- Highland

- Argyll and Bute

- Aberdeen City

- Aberdeenshire

- Moray

- Angus

- Perth and Kinross

- Falkirk 

- Fife

- Inverclyde

- East Lothian

- West Lothian

- West Dunbartonshire 

- Dumfries and Galloway

- The Borders

Under Level 1 restrictions all entertainment venues (except nightclubs and adult entertainment) can open, as well as all public buildings and visitor attractions.

Level 1 and moving down:

The First Minister also announced changes for the local authority areas which are already under Level 1. Because of “extremely low numbers of new cases” and a comparatively high percentage of the adult population having been vaccinated, these areas will move to Level 0.

These areas are:

- Shetland

- Orkney

- Comhairle nan Eilean and other small, remote islands

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Sturgeon said that she would remind anyone traveling to any of the islands to use a lateral flow test before doing so in order to minimise the risk of importing the virus to those communities. 

While people on Level 0 are still encouraged to work from home if possible, the restrictions are far less stringent.

Local licencing rules apply to drinking establishments with no national curfew as there is in higher levels, and up to 200 people can attend a wedding or funeral.

Furthermore, people can meet in groups of up to eight people from four households in a private home and they can stay overnight.

Up to 10 people from four households can meet in an indoor public place like a café, pub or restaurant, and up to 15 people from 15 households outdoors.

A more detailed explanation of the differences between the Covid Levels can be found here:

A map showing what the lockdown Level of Scotland's local authorities will be from one minute past midnight on Saturday June 5: