AN artist has hit out at the “disrespect and ignorance” shown by some visitors to the Highlands over the bank holiday weekend.

Bath-based Hope Blamire, who creates works of Scottish seascapes, reported a number of issues around Arisaig and Morar – including “dirty campers defecating on the beach”, visitors burning grassland around the sands and people stealing parts of crofters’ fences to start fires.

The artist urged people travelling to the region to behave with decency and explore Scotland with respect for “others and for the local area”.

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In a widely shared Facebook post, Blamire wrote that she had seen 37 caravans and motorhomes parked along the “fragile machair” at the roadside of Traigh, as well as many cars and campervans parked by the beach, obstructing traffic, at Morar.

Blamire went on to list other problems she had come across. “The dirty, dirty campers defecating on the beach, in front of people who have looked forward to staying in this picturesque part of the world for two years. They came to walk the silver sands of Morar and they look nothing like what they had known or imagined.

“Our neighbour bumped into a female on the beach at the weekend and totally unashamedly she said, Oh I’m just off down the beach to have a poo. It is an absolute disgrace.”

The artist told followers that they had spent the sunny bank holiday weekend speaking to the police and Highland Council. “Until people stop turning up unplanned like this, and the Scottish Government steps in and listens to the changes needed to the legislation, this picturesque area will be ruined.”

Blamire acknowledged that people are desperate for holidays after such a difficult year, but urged visitors to be thoughtful.

“Explore only with respect for others and for the local area,” she wrote. “If you don’t agree, please find another page to follow, as you are not welcome here. To everyone else, I’m sorry to have to share this with you. Scotland has always been one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and with your respect, will remain so.”

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The post provoked an emotional response among social media users, gaining thousands of responses and shares. “This makes me so sad for yourself and other locals and for the visitors that have been coming for years, fully respecting and loving the area,” Yvonne Watson wrote. “I sincerely hope something is actually done and people are made accountable for vandalism of beauty spots.”

“Sad and very angry that this beautiful place is being abused and disrespected by selfish low life morons who don’t care the law has to step up and stop this happening,” added Carole Robson.

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“Makes me sick and angry that you’re witnessing these low lives … they really don’t appreciate nature at its best at all or value and respect the environment or people who live there,” wrote Lorna MacArthur.

The village of Arisaig, located south of Mallaig, is a popular destination for tourists exploring the Highlands.

It has grown in popularity in recent years due to its proximity to the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was used in the Harry Potter franchise.