A FLOATING swimming pool which is suspended 35 metres in the air has split opinion as the UK continues to bask in warm spring weather.

Temperatures are expected to reach up to 26 degrees today, following a high of 25.1 in Kinloss yesterday.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “Lots of fine, sunny weather around – if anything, temperatures up a degree or so on Monday.”

On the hottest day of the year so far, swimmers in London took to the Sky Pool – the world’s first see-through pool over 110 feet above the ground.

The pool is located between the 10th floors of two luxury tower blocks in the city and holds 400 tonnes of water.

The National:

However despite the hot weather, not everybody felt the pool was particularly enticing.

Footage from the BBC showed daredevil swimmers taking to the water, sparking a big debate with thousands of responses.

“Absolutely not!” wrote the SNP’s Stewart McDonald in response to the clip showing the floating pool from the air.

Twitch streamer Liam Dryden commented: “I imagine once you're actually IN there and not looking at the height of it from a helicopter circling above, then it probably looks way less terrifying and you quickly forget you're in a glass tank 115 feet off the ground that's also the first of its kind.”

Comedian Janey Godley was willing to give it a go. “I would do this,” she declared.

However, others felt the luxury pool was a symbol of the extreme inequality in the city.

Those living in shared ownership flats between the two buildings are also not able to access the pool – but residents can. 

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“Embassy Gardens' wealthier residents enjoy their pool while London's lower classes can't afford to get the flammable cladding removed from their buildings,” wrote journalist Sarah Hurst.

Singer/songwriter Grace Petrie added: “I don’t know much about this, but it seems there’s good reason to hate it on political grounds, which is good because every nerve of my height-fearing body feels terrified even looking at this video of it.”

Another user wrote: "Rich people in London have too much fun. Hope a lot of birds choose to s*** here."