SERIOUSLY flawed judgment exercised by the royal minders in dealing with the Channel 4 News team outside of Holyroodhouse, and I suspect it had nothing to do with respecting William and Kate’s privacy and everything to do with keeping the line-up for Project Fear mk2 out of the limelight. Of course by getting all high and mighty the minders have achieved the exact opposite, as now people are focusing on why it was that the unelected head of state’s representatives in Scotland were meeting up with the arch liar Brown.

The royal family, far from being neutral, are definitely being used – and probably more importantly, allowing themselves to be used – by Downing Street to bolster the sagging fortunes of this corrupt and rancid Union. By being so overtly involved in the debate, of course they themselves must be prepared to be investigated – after all, in a democracy we can and should find out as much as possible about what sits behind the reasons for public comment. No-one is above that investigation, and for minders to prevent a news crew from filming smacks of intrigue, manipulation and authoritarian values.

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The voters in Scotland are not stupid, nor are we naive enough to believe the calls from Dinosaur Brown – given his clear and very precise statement on federalism in the UK is yet to be fulfilled – but still he attempts to cover himself in glory for his deceitful ways. In my humble opinion it is nothing more the unelected “special people” of an archaic system attempting to subvert the will of the voters here in Scotland.

In the Holyrood debating chamber we were treated to DRoss getting his ass handed to him, again. Methinks that once more he realises Baroness Gravy Train sold him a donkey when he was appointed branch manager of his highly deceitful and arrogant party. Which if nothing else shows how much loyalty counts for within that most corrupt of political parties.

Elsewhere, Cummings has gone from number one special advisor with unlimited power to a self styled “chief thrower-under-the-bus and lord high snake in the grass”. How much of his evidence is truthful only he will know, but certainly it does not show anyone in a good light. It would not come as a surprise to me to see Patel scanning over the family history of Cummings, checking to see if she is able to exercise a dawn raid to make him disappear.

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Last week seemed to be all about the unelected has-beens or next-generation wannabes working with a political agenda handed to them by a political party that here in Scotland has just received a mauling at the ballot box. Let us not lose sight of that fact that for the fourth time of asking, the parties of the Union have failed to prevent the Scottish National Party from forming a government – a fourth consecutive term of office.

It does kind of make you wonder as to the accuracy of the mainstream media reports on policy and behaviour, all of which were designed to fool the gullible (and fool some they did). We now have a majority of MSPs in Holyrood supporting the call for a second independence referendum, as clearly indicated in the manifestos of both the Scottish Greens and the Scottish National Party. It was also mention by the Tory party that voting Tory would stop it from taking place – a pledge rejected by the voters of Scotland.

We are most definitely living in interesting times, and for sure the Oxbridge sow is careering around out of control, unable to save itself.

On the activist front I was very fortunate to be invited to have some mic time at the virtual rally for Scottish independence organised by Netherlands for YES and Germans for YES. So a huge thank you to Raimond Dijkstra and Colin Macpherson for organising and co-hosting the event.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans For Scottish Independence 2.0