WHEN canvassing support for independence I’ve often thought some kind of Yes manifesto would come in handy, covering the same topics as the numerous leaflets I’ve seen and use, but in a single document.

Given the proximity of the elections it’s probably too late for that now, but I wonder if The National might provide some pull-outs in the coming weeks which have a similar content. Four pull-outs might cover the same ground as a Yes manifesto:

1. Explain the political advantages of independence.

2. Deal with the economics, comparing, specifically, the economic performance of other small countries.

3. Focus on scare stories.

4. Describe the kind of country Scotland could potentially be.

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I’m sure such a sequence of pull-outs would be invaluable tools of persuasion. They might also help us, in these difficult times, to focus on the issues rather than on the personalities.

Alastair Mcleish