‘IT’S not fair or sporting”, Ernie Wastell of Meigle states, in concluding his correspondence in The National of January 7.

When we are dealing with the administration and upholding of sporting integrity, our football authorities are simply not fit for purpose.

Our campaigning group, Scottish Football Fans for Independence, are currently attempting to establish both the criteria for applying for the Scottish Government’s emergency Covid grants and loans and an explanation on how this public money is to be accounted for in a transparent fashion.

The additional £1.35 million for non-league and other grades of the game is welcome, and as Sportscotland seems to have an explicit role with this, it would be hoped that these funds will be used and managed wisely and equitably.

As the letter writer highlights, we have a wide raft of Covid breaches, from unauthorised patrons attending matches, players out on the bevvy catching and spreading Covid, teams being unable to fulfil fixtures with some matches being forfeited – others, it seems, depending on status rescheduled, appeals lodged with the inner decision-making cabal, clubs travelling from Covid hotspots to international winter camps and all contributing to the mockery of fairness and sporting integrity.

It is proving extremely difficult to ascertain how these funds were distributed. I understand clubs had to submit detailed reports and data about their individual revenues and expenditures. However, armed with that detail, how then can the decision-makers award £500,000 to part-time teams in the Championship, who have limited overheads and contractual obligations, compared to the two full-time teams in Division One who have received less than a third of this money?

One of these teams, Partick Thistle, has already been treated disgracefully and prejudicially by their fellow members through their enforced expulsion from the Championship.

Some £30m was distributed to the SPFL members by way of loans or grants, but surely there must be some conditions to these emergency awards, and specifically an assurance that the recipients will adhere to the national Covid rules?

If these clubs are not compliant to the conditions of the award, then like all other organisations in receipt of grants and public loans, the cash should be returned, or it should be retained until matters are resolved and the general public can be reassured that the clubs are being managed safely within the context of this health crisis.

Our group is discussing the production of a Fans Charter – there really needs to be meaningful empowerment of supporters as significant stakeholders in our national sport.

Independence is about taking control of your own destiny and empowering communities and interest groups to have fuller responsibility in all aspects of Scottish life, sport and culture.

It is therefore consistent and necessary that we, the supporters of this sport, prepare ourselves to take power back into our hands.

Chick R Hosie

Scottish Football Fans for Independence

I REFER to my letter printed in The National on January 7.

The Celtic player mentioned is Duffy and not Dunn. Apologies for error.

Ernie Wastell