SO now we have it. We have left the EU with a deal that England voted for, Northern Ireland gets access to the EU, which it voted for, and Scotland gets ignored – again.

What I have learned is to never trust a Tory promise – remember 2014, when they said that if you voted for indy you would be out of the EU.

Both Ruth Davidson and David Mundell said that if there was different deal for Northern Ireland they would resign. We are still waiting. Gordon Brown’s Vow was never delivered and a worse one is being offered now. So never trust a Labour promise either.

During last Wednesday’s Westminster debate on the Brexit deal, there was not a Scottish Tory in sight – all their promises about fishing broken.

When they can’t hide the failures of their false promises, they just hide. They have learned well from Ruthie – every time there is a difficult question, she just goes into hiding and the BBC makes no effort to doorstep her as they do the SNP.

We should ask for a Section 30 right now and tell Westminster that if one is not given, the forthcoming election will be a plebiscite for independence.

Winifred McCartney