THE Yes campaign’s latest video featuring actor Brian Cox promoting Scotland’s place as an independent country has won praise from supporters.

The Succession star – who is a vocal supporter of independence – provides the voiceover to the clip explaining why Scotland “has what it takes to be an independent country”.

The video was first broadcast during this SNP conference weekend and comes after 14 consecutive polls put support for independence ahead of support for the Union.

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Cox starts off the video by stating: “We’re the ideal size to succeed.

“Seven of the 10 richest developed countries in the world have populations similar to or smaller than Scotland’s.

“None of them have any natural advantages, except one – they are independent.”

The video goes on to promote Scotland’s national income, celebrating the fact that “we’re richer per head than many wealthy countries” like Italy and Japan.

Cox boasts the potential benefits of Scotland joining the EU as an independent nation, and celebrates the country’s global manufacturing industry.

He then goes on to promote our renewables and food and drink sectors.

“Now more than ever it’s vital that Scotland’s future is in Scotland’s hands,” the actor tells viewers over pictures from The National’s 2019 George Square independence rally.

“Our journey to independence has begun, and we are ready. Next year’s election will be the most important in Scottish history. Every single vote will count.”

He calls on Scots to pledge their support for independence at

The video has receive widespread praise across social media.

Streamer Liam Dryden retweeting the clip adding: “Brian Cox spitting FACTS.”

SNP MP Patrick Grady wrote: “Is that the voice of world-famous actor Brian Cox in the latest @theSNP video? Why yes it is, setting out the strengths and opportunities Scotland has to make it as an independent country.”

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford shared the video too, writing: “Scotland has what it takes to be an independent country - playing our full part in the world as a force for progress, fairness and equality.

“Next year’s election will be the most important in Scotland's history. Together we can put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”