IT’S not often I disagree with Alyn Smyth regarding the opinions he expresses. However, I do disagree with Wednesday’s column (We must call out tactics that are out to disrupt indy cause, November 11).

He may correct me if I have the wrong impression but he seems to be saying that discussion of tactics is good as long as it does not lead to change in the policy adopted by the party leaders. In other words, we can discuss the merits of different means of achieving Indy, but only if we agree to keep Plan A, and don’t decide to have a plan B.

There is no doubt that public opinion in Scotland has moved solidly in favour of independence. There is no doubt that Nicola Sturgeon, and her team, have outperformed the whole of the Westminster Government in the way she has handled the pandemic and her achievements in this respect are being recognised around the world as the example to follow.

But, being the most excellent stateswoman in the world and having the backing of over 60% of the Scottish population will not, of its own accord, result in independence.

Nobody is going to turn up with a magic wand and say, “My, look how well you have done! Hocus pocus diddly doo! I’m now giving independence to you!”

And with a flash and a bang we are suddenly independent.

That is in the realms of fantasy. It needs action, and firm action at that, to actually achieve independence.

The facts are these. Theresa may was asked for a Section 30 order. Her reply was “Not now”. Boris Johnson, together with his cohorts at the top of the present Tory Government, have made it quite clear that regardless of how well the SNP does at the next election there will not be a section 30 granted “until a generation has passed since the last referendum”.” Alister Jack has suggested that could be as long as 40 years and certainly not less than 10.

Again, unless I am wrong, the official SNP policy is to gain independence through a section 30 order and a referendum. You can argue all you like about the pressure mounting on Boris to give us a referendum. It will not change his mind!

In exactly the same way as being over-ruled in the House of Lords on his IMB; and having it publicly condemned by the last 5 Prime Ministers and by the EU; And being told by the Biden administration that, unless he changes it, there will be no trade deal with America, has not stopped him pushing on with it.

No matter what you think, he will stick to his guns in exactly the same way as his hero is refusing to concede defeat in the American presidential election. That’s his egotistical, power grabbing mentality – just the same as Trump.

As I understand it, the Indy cause is “Independence for Scotland as soon as possible.” And NOT “Independence for Scotland sometime down the line when Boris, or some other Tory PM, allows us to have it, in perhaps another 10 or 20 years”. As I see it, therefore, Alyn Smyth seems to want to “call out” the wrong tactics, because the present tactics are the “tactics that will disrupt the Indy cause” and delay us getting Independence. The party leadership really needs to consider all options and decide, in secret if they wish, upon a policy to be adopted when Boris says “NO!” Because he WILL say “NO!”

Charlie Kerr

DREW Reid raises an interesting topic (Letters, November 12). Let us focus on issues of concern to the majority. That would embrace decent pensions, an NHS that cares for all of us, decent housing for all,good public transport. Those who are pursuing minority interests related to gender politics need to be sidelined.

Why have the Scottish Goverments spent so much time on legislation that the majority have no interest in? (hate crime, sectarian offences at football, named persons) And so little time on areas that affect all of us ? Has the movement been hijacked?

Hamish Kirk