THE First Minister has responded to news Joe Biden is set to become the next US president after taking the lead in the Pennsylvania count.

Some news outlets, like Decision Desk HQ and Business Insider, have now called the election in the Democratic candidate’s favour.

If Biden does indeed win Pennsylvania as is now expected, he will have 273 of the 270 electoral college votes required to become president.

Press have begun to gather in Delaware, the east-coast state where Biden lives, in anticipation of him declaring victory later today.

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Biden is yet to speak out himself but his close allies have made statements. Guy Cecil, the chair of the largest Democrat Party “Super PAC” tweeted: “The American people have spoken clearly.

"Voters across the country stood up, made their voices heard and chose Joe Biden to lead us toward a better future."

The Trump campaign have called the reports a “false projection” and insist Georgia is heading for a recount and repeated their false claims of voter fraud and irregularities, which they have offered zero evidence for.

Responding to the news on Twitter First Minister Nicola Sturgeon appeared optimistic.

“The world can be a dark place at times just now - but today we are seeing a wee break in the clouds,” she wrote, followed by a sunshine emoji.

Other sites, like the Associated Press and CNN, are holding off on calling the race.