JOE Biden will be the next president of the United States of America, news organisations have begun to report.

The big change came after Biden overtook Donald Trump in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania.

At the time of writing, the latest update on the vote count from the keystone state puts Biden on 3,295,365 votes (49.47% of the total) compared to Trump’s 3,289,953 (49.39%).

Those figures mean Biden has a narrow lead of 5412 votes.

With an estimated 5% of the state’s votes left to count, and those coming from urban areas which typically favour democrat nominees, several news outlets have begun calling the presidential race for Joe Biden.

However, Trump's team has not accepted defeat, instead declaring that the "election is not over".

The incumbent's team claim that the "false projection" of Biden winning is based on results which are "far from final". 

They say Georgia is headed for a recount, and repeat the false claims of voter fraud and irregularities spouted by the current president in a rambling and anti-democratic address given late last night. 

If Biden does win Pennsylvania when 100% of the votes are counted, then he will have 273 electoral college votes, three more than the 270 required to become president.

Business Insider and Decision Desk HQ have already made the call, saying Joe Biden will become the next president, ousting Trump.

However other sites, such as the Associated Press and CNN, are holding off on calling the race.

To say Biden is on 273 electoral college votes does not include Arizona, which the Associated Press has called for the democrat. Other outlets have not, saying it is still too close to call.

However, Biden is currently leading the Grand Canyon state by around 50,000 votes, with 99% of the total vote counted.

If Biden also wins Arizona, he will have 284 electoral college votes.

With victory looking assured, press have reportedly begun to gather in Delaware, the East coast state where Biden lives, in anticipation of the democrat declaring victory later today.

Unlike President Trump's declaration of victory on the night of the election, Biden's will be legitimate.

While we have yet to hear from Biden himself, his close allies have also begun to declare victory.

Guy Cecil, the chair of the largest Democrat Party "Super PAC" (political action committee), tweeted: “The American people have spoken clearly.

"Voters across the country stood up, made their voices heard and chose Joe Biden to lead us toward a better future."