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IN the absence of insight, most people would agree it’s usually best to say nothing at all.

The Jeremy Vine show, however, prefers to fill any knowledge void with idiotic speculation.

On no subject is this clearer than Scottish independence.

The Channel 5 programme has excelled at irritating viewers by broadcasting asinine opinions on the topic.

The latest of which came when the host asked if Nicola Sturgeon should be put in charge of the UK’s coronavirus response.

In response, the panellists described the First Minister as a “power mad despot” who can’t be trusted because she changes her clothes every day. The audience was also told independence is a terrible idea because “that’s not how it works”.

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Here are four other times the Jeremy Vine show has lost the plot on Scottish independence.

Diana's Butler has his say

Perhaps the most notorious example came in June last year, when devolution expert Paul Burrell was invited on the show.

Also known for being Princess Diana’s former Butler, he warned that Scotland could simply cease to exist were it to be run from Edinburgh instead of Westminster.

“I think that the United Kingdom is stronger together than they are apart,” he pondered aloud. “I mean, for goodness sake, Scotland, by itself? How’s it going survive? It has … what does it have? … Oil, and a monster in a lake … and … whisky.”

SNP defence spokesperson Stewart McDonald thanked the show for its contribution to the Yes campaign.

Hendry sets the record straight

A couple of weeks later, Vine addressed what he dubbed the “Burrell incident” after an SNP MP found an ingenious way of contributing some right-headed analysis to the show.

Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey MP Drew Hendry passed a note to Vine at a charity event which set the record straight on exactly what resources Scotland has.

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The “Burrell incident” was ultimately the subject of an SNP complaint to Ofcom.

Brexiteer nonsense

And yet it seems no lessons were learned. Later that month, the programme treated us to yet more guff on the debate surrounding Scottish independence.

With usual host Vine elsewhere, it was stand-in Anne Diamond who this time facilitated the uninformed discussion found on the show. She asked guests Susie Boniface and Carole Malone – both journalists – whether they think Boris Johnson becoming PM increases the case for independence.

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Boniface compared the situation facing Scotland – a nation of more than five million people – to that of Tunbridge Wells – a small English town.

Brexiteer Malone falsely claimed the latest polling suggested Brexit had not changed Scots’ opinions on independence. She then accused Nicola Sturgeon of trying to “whip up fear” about Brexit.

Mike Parry

And finally, journalist Mike Parry was invited to share his insights on the independence debate earlier this year. It went about as well as you’d expect.

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"The one question that nobody can ever answer for me is if Scotland go on their own, where are they going to get all their money from?" He asked. "Scotland don’t have any money. Even if they got the right to draw money from the oil revenues, the oil is running out, there isn’t any oil.”

Vine, with Hendry’s words ringing in his ears, countered the point. But Parry wasn’t interested, stating he doesn’t want Scotland to “exist economically on its own”.

Fortunately, it’s not up to Mike Parry.