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IF there's one thing Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 show consistently delivers, it's absolutely piping hot takes on Scotland.

Last summer we were treated to the former butler to Princess Diana, Paul Burrell, claiming Scotland couldn't "survive" outside of the United Kingdom as all it has is "oil, and a monster in a lake … and … whisky".

Now the programme has provided us with the long-anticipated part two of English People Who Aren't Economists But Weirdly Seem To Know A Lot About Scotland's Economy, as journalist Mike Parry joined the cast as the new protagonist. 

As the guests discussed Donald Tusk's claim that the EU has "empathy" for Scotland rejoining as an independent nation, Parry really got into his new role.

"The one question that nobody can ever answer for me is if Scotland go on their own, where are they going to get all their money from?" He asked. "Scotland don’t have any money. Even if they got the right to draw money from the oil revenues, the oil is running out, there isn’t any oil.”

Even Jeremy Vine, who has sat quietly through a number of hot takes on his show in the past, couldn't help but pipe up.

He replied:“They have an economy and they are, in many ways, quite prosperous."

But of course this logic just did not suit Parry's rant.

He continued:“Yes but 60% of the Scottish economy at the moment is funded by the UK Government. They have a higher percentage of people working for nationalised bodies or the Government than anyone else. So I don’t know where Scotland think they’re going to get the funds to survive on their own.”

Vine wasn't having it - at least, not after last year's Burrell incident.

He told Parry: “I met an SNP MP the other day after this came up on the show a while back, Drew Hendry, and he funnily enough he passed me a small piece of paper with all the sources of Scotland’s income on okay? And there’s whisky, and there’s oil … and I found it again yesterday, having kept it in my wallet for a long time, and I put it on my bedside table, so I’ll bring it in and read it to you. But he’s got 10 answers to you for that.”

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Parry then said he could not just accept that Scotland could "exist economically on its own", providing the exceptionally well-informed justification of "it really can't".

He continued: "And I don’t want it to. Because I don’t want the Union to break up anyway. I want us to be great country – Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, the Republic of Ireland as a close neighbour, I think is a very powerful body of countries."

Vine then asked if Tusk's comments about the EU had been a "danger".

Parry was thrilled to have been allowed usage of such a sensational word. “Complete danger, because it’d break up the Union!" He cried. "Why break up the Union? If Scotland want to come out of one Union, which is our Union, why do they want to go into another one, where nobody speaks the same language as them?"

Nobody speaks the same language as them?!

Yes, a good number of Scots speak Gaelic these days Mike, but most of us are still English speakers ... as are the vast majority of EU representatives ...

And some of us even speak European languages like French, German, Italian or Spanish! Pretty crazy, right?

Amazingly, this episode aired BEFORE the new National-backed Panelbase poll putting independence support at 52% was released.

We can't wait to see what they've got planned now they're seen that ...