COVID-19 has played havoc with everyone, leaving no area of normal life untouched. For sport, it has been extremely challenging and at times it seemed as if there would be none to speak of this year.

However slowly, bit by bit, things are changing and sport is coming back into everyone’s lives.

This has not been an easy time for those who organise sport, who have had to balance the lack of income against the need to deliver online support, while at all times ensuring the message going out to their membership is clear and concise and adheres to the current restrictions.

And, as we have learned, these restrictions are a moveable feast.

There is another issue I want to add into the mix and that is the fact that many of the annual celebrations we look forward to may not happen this year. In particular, I am talking about awards dinners and sporting awards specifically.

Scottish Women in Sport will deliver its seventh awards this year, looking at all times to celebrate the success, inspiration and dedication of women in sport. We have taken a huge leap of faith and agreed to deliver a virtual awards dinner in late November.

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While we appreciate there has not been a lot of sporting action, the sporting community has been busy supporting each other and their local communities in so many different ways. So, our awards dinner this year will reflect the great work carried out during the pandemic, with different categories on offer, as well as looking for our Sportswomen and Young Sportswoman of the Year.

We are also planning a few surprises, with some amazing guest speakers lined up.

So it’s all systems go, finding partners to support the event and sponsors to help finance it, as well as getting the word out to all once we are open for submissions.

We are already in partnership with The Corinthian in Glasgow who will create a special menu for the night that our supporters can cook at home as well as a newly created cocktail from Edrington-Beam Suntory.

I am nervous, but I’m looking forward to the challenge and creating and delivering this event for all Scottish women in sport.