FIRSTLY, no-one should be subjected to abuse or violence for just doing their job.

But I am increasingly annoyed by the annual complaint from Police Scotland that the increase in assaults on officers is due to lack of funds (‘Deplorable’ increase in assaults on police, August 7). Just like our local councils, they get more and more money every year, and every year they do less and less.

We now have a system of “drive by” policing, where officers pass by, radio on and windows up, oblivious to most good or bad things happening in their area.

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If the police are rarely in the local community, how can they expect to get the respect of the general public? Surely, knowing what is going on within their area would allow them to prevent a lot of crime, tackle the explosion of buying and selling of drugs, and antisocial behaviour, to name but a few.

It is getting to be the case that the general public no longer know what the police service actually do. And therein lies the problem; what is the point of reporting a problem?

Jim McGregor