GEORGE Galloway has said he is prepared to work with the Tories at the 2021 Holyrood elections to stop the SNP receiving a mandate for independence.

The former Labour MP believes his new Alliance for Unity can return several MSPs in 2021 as voters are disillusioned with the pro-Union parties, who he says have become "anonymous".

Galloway plans to stand as a list candidate in the South of Scotland region at the election where the SNP are supposed to win by a landslide, giving them a mandate to hold indyref2.

He told the Sunday Mail he's "against the SNP more than I'm against anyone else".

He added: “We’ve got only one goal – to get the SNP out. If we don’t get off this hamster wheel, this neverendum, we’ll never have normal politics in Scotland. Everything will be down to grudge and division.

“I’ll work with everybody to get the SNP out of power because they have been a disaster for Scotland for 13 long years of misrule.

“More importantly than that, their only purpose is to break up the country – and my belief is the majority of people don’t want that.

“But we’re locked into this endless, tedious and increasingly fractious politics of nationalism and grudge.

“Whoever wins next year’s election should form a national coalition government whose first purpose is to repair relations between Scotland and the rest of Britain.”

He continued: “We don’t want a Tory or a Labour government.

“We want a national unity government that will begin this task of returning normality to Scottish politics.

“I’m against the SNP more than I’m against anyone else. That doesn’t mean I’m for anyone else.”

Galloway refused to reveal who else would be joining him as an Alliance for Unity candidate – but claimed it would include “senior ex-Army officers, farmers and senior legal professionals.”

He announced his plans to return to Scottish politics earlier this month when he said a bid to gain a Scottish Parliament seat is not currently “fantastically of interest” due to his work commitments, but he would consider such a move “if necessary”.

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