GEORGE Galloway has suggested that a Unionist alliance will defeat the SNP in the 2021 Holyrood elections.

The former Labour MP announced his plans to return to Scottish politics last week.

He tweeted: "My plan is simple. The pro #Unity candidates don’t oppose each other in the constituencies and we form joint lists for the 2nd vote. If we do that we win. The SNP loses. The era of Grudge can be at an end #Alliance4Unity"

There has been debate surrounding next year's Holyrood election, with a new pro-Yes party, Independence for Scotland Party (ISP) set up to maximise the Yes majority. 

Nicola Sturgeon plans to use a pro-independence majority at Holyrood as a mandate to hold indyref2.

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Galloway was involved in a social media row last week over potential Border restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Scotland.

He said the protest helped make his mind up in a counter-intuitive way – it convinced him to come back to Scotland.

He claimed “nationalist forces” had caused the Border issue “not for public health reasons but for party political reasons”.

While Galloway said a bid to gain a Scottish Parliament seat is not currently “fantastically of interest” due to his work commitments, but he would consider such a move “if necessary”.

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