I CAN understand David Stevenson’s position (Letters, July 9) vis-à-vis the Dundas statue in St Andrew Square, that it might be moved to a smaller plinth on Calton Hill and replaced with a statue of someone else.

I suppose, though, that because of the height of the column it will cause minimum offence, people probably not knowing who is commemorated, as they cannot discern it from ground level!

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I agree with his idea of remembering somebody else there; my idea is to shorten the column very considerably, and place a statue to the wonderful Elsie Inglis at a height where everybody can actually see it. Surely nobody could take exception to that?

A footnote is that I did contact the Scottish Government as suggested by Hamish Macpherson recently in his article on Elsie Inglis. The response which I received was not at all encouraging as to the intention of creating a statue to her memory. If the government drags its feet, why doesn’t the local authority take the initiative?

Brian York