‘RUSSELL: We’ll resist the biggest power grab yet by Westminster” (Sunday National, July 5) – did “Hands off Our Parliament” not gather outside Holyrood a couple of years ago, to express just that concern?

We may have to do it again. The time has come to mobilise the movement again. We stated during that demonstration that we would gather in huge numbers and do whatever was necessary to protect our Parliament.

With the polls showing SNP are set to increase their seats in the constituencies at the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections, Westminster will stop at nothing to break the hold in Scottish politics of the SNP supported not only by SNP voters but also the biggest movement in Scottish history for independence.

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It is imperative that we unite and defend our Parliament and we must come together, wherever our presence is needed, whether that be outside Holyrood or at the ballot box.

We have the Scottish Parliamentary election in May next year.

If we want to defend our Parliament and our nation, we have to stand as one. The only way to resist any such power grab is to do it together.

That is why it is so important that the new parties emerging from the ongoing debate about the Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

ISP (Independence for Scotland Party) and AFI #MaxTheYes (Alliance for Independence) must sit down together and plan the way forward. No nation has won or taken their freedom being fractionalised. Our time is now. Let’s do indy.

Pat Lee
Co-founding member of AFI #MaxTheYes