IT is sad but totally predictable that “Scottish Tories are demanding an end to daily coronavirus briefing” (The National, July 4). Their reasoning is that it is just a party political broadcast on behalf of the SNP. They also cite the fact that PM Boris Johnson has abandoned the Downing Street daily briefings so it is time for Scotland to fall into line – aye right!

The reality is Downing Street’s daily briefings were a disaster as they exposed the PM’s weakness and failing to a worldwide audience, while at the same time Scotland’s FM Nicola Sturgeon was displaying a very canny Scottish approach in her total commitment to the defeat of the coronavirus.

The dilemma facing Murdo Fraser and his Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party colleagues is whether or not they can continue to kowtow to their bosses in London, namely Boris Johnston, Jacob Rees-Mogg who would appear to be heavily influenced by Dominic Cummings or, for the first time in their political lives, start to represent the needs of their constituents.

Thomas L Inglis