PRITI Patel’s statement to the Commons that all 30 recommendations of Wendy Williams’s Windrush “Lessons Learned” review will be implemented in full should be welcomed by all.

Her further remarks indicate that she will do all she can to make sure that more people are helped and more people are compensated in full.

However, delivery is key to correcting the obvious unfairness and abuses that have occurred in the past, and still occur now. It is possible that I have a negative view of this UK Government’s delivery history, but not fully addressing these types of systemic issues are what causes the fissures in our society.

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Covid-19 has shown to us all and the rest of the world that the 1980s dogma expressed by Mrs Thatcher that there is “no such thing as society” no longer is, and probably was never, a true or valid statement.

Society must therefore follow up on this commitment by the Home Secretary to ensure these corrective actions are delivered.

Warm words just don’t cut it.

Alistair Ballantyne