IT would be appreciated if Michael Fry provided a warts-and-all comparison between capitalism and what he thinks socialism is (Economic growth remains the best way to navigate the new normal, June 23).

He continually speaks of the “benefits” while completely ignoring the consequences. Therefore his statements merely support a biased opinion, or more commonly a rant in support of his views.

A while ago he took the opportunity to name two people, including me, who wrote concerning his expressed views with no hint of an apology or explanation, merely using his platform to denigrate other people who do not have the luxury of his position. I am more than happy to engage in a debate, but it cannot be one-sided.

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Fundamentally some elements of capitalism have directly caused many of the wider environmental and societal problems we are increasingly suffering from.

Mr Fry does often have some insightful views but they are overridden by his bald assumptions. In particular, his assertion that capitalism is good at supplying solutions to crises is misplaced and as we have seen recently has been ineffective, driven as we have been by an idealistic capitalist UK Government.

If anything is an advert against capitalism it is what we are seeing played out in Westminster. Economic growth, yes, provides additional resources beyond mere subsistence to provide changes and improvements, but there is nothing inherent in socialism that is against the same outcome.

Capitalism is largely about maximising profit for the few, mainly through avoiding what it deems as unnecessary expenditure or investment. The failure to act early solely on the basis of not causing short-term economic harm is the fundamental reason why we have one of the worst infection and recovery rates in the world.

Nick Cole
Meigle, Perthshire