THANK goodness neither the Conservatives or Labour are running Scotland during Covid-19! The Scottish Government, through Deputy First Minister and Education Secretary John Swinney, gave an updated statement on fully restoring education in August and was met by lambasting and criticism from the very opposition MSPs who have been calling for education to now be at the top of the agenda.

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Mr Swinney made it clear that at the heart of yesterday’s statement was the safety of staff and pupils, and acknowledged the announcement had only come about because the general public had complied with the lockdown and been patient.

Opposition MSP would be the very ones to rightly hold the government to account if the infection rate should increase, but interestingly during the heated debate that following the statement, no positive contributions were forthcoming from either opposition, only criticism! The Scottish Government has been cautious in its approach in tackling Covid-19, it has been the right approach to date.

Catriona C Clark