I HAVE just watched 20 minutes of the pantomime in the House of Commons when MPs are voting in division. I thought the advice in England was that you should work from home if you can – but obviously this only applies to the plebs and not to government, just like many other things we have noticed over the past weeks.

No wonder the UK is the laughing stock of the world. The time wasted with this nonsensical voting system is not value for money for us taxpayers. During the time I watched there were many breaches of the social distancing rules. Either side might be a sword’s distance apart but it is certainly not Covid-19 compliant.

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Both the current and previous Scottish Secretary of State voted against using virtual attendance, thus I would suggest putting the people in their constituency in danger by travelling back and forth, and no thought was given to those with health conditions or whose family falls into this category.

Mr Mogg’s solution to avoid divisions was just to vote with the government. He has obviously never heard of democracy or the representation of the people.

I have one solution: the House of Lords should be abolished and the House of Commons moved in there until the Commons is knocked down or used as a museum and replaced with something fit for the 21st century.

Winifred McCartney

IT’S great that the first “sport” to be allowed under lockdown is horse racing. Loads of super-rich individuals and companies have been trying heroically to persuade us to keep on gambling via social media by inundating us with messages of caring and concern.

Here we have horses running around as fast as they can – some, sadly, will be exhausted, injured or die but that doesn’t matter. The great thing about this “sport” is that we are allowed to try and guess who will win, though unfortunately most have to lose their money so that a very few can live off our losses. Soon the shops owned by these super-rich companies will be open again and sad, lonely men can give away their money again. Wonderful sport.

B McKenna