I AM sure I am not alone when I say one form of exercise I have been taking recently is a walk down memory lane. It’s always a pleasant journey as you can choose to relive some of your happiest memories.

We are currently being flooded with many great sporting memories from all forms of media, however, those that includes women has been extremely limited. After more than 20 years working in women’s football, I have many great memories, and some not so great – I thought I would share a couple.

Miss-kick, the official magazine of Scottish Women’s Football was something I enjoyed working on although the title created some controversy before it was even launched! This was a great chance to write about what was happening in women’s football in Scotland on a bi-monthly basis, and gave me the chance to highlight stories of interest, player profiles, league tables and so on.

At the time, coverage of any sort for the women and girls who played football was very thin on the ground. It has improved but there is still plenty of scope for more. I loved working on Miss-kick but there was some pressure as I had to fund each issue individually as well as compiling the stories and working to a deadline. I also worked on a video funded by Glasgow City Council to record our International Futsal Tournament which we held at the Kelvin Hall every January for around four years. We had teams from the Netherlands, Denmark, Wales, Russia, Republic of Ireland and England to name just a few. The Russia travelled for two days to join us. They funded the trip by themselves, and although poorly kitted out, they had some major skills on show.

Editing the video was a fascinating project and I was very proud of the finished article. Sadly, I no longer have a copy. It is fair to say my time at women’s football was varied – with the result I am a jack of all trades and master of none!