I WOULD like to offer my thanks to President Donald Trump for his kind offer of help to UK NHS professionals on handling the Covid-19 pandemic. I would point out to Mr Trump that he is offering this advice to some of the best-trained doctors, nurses and epidemiologists in the world, mostly trained for seven years in high-quality teaching hospitals.

Mr Trump has no medical training at all and a reputation for ignoring professional advice and ploughing his own furrow.

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I remind him that our NHS staff provide their services free at the point of delivery, totally the opposite of the USA, where those without jobs and medical insurance receive a second-rate service, if any service at all. I suggest that Mr Trump should concentrate on addressing the huge health inequalities between the rich and the poor in his own country before interfering in our NHS.

Without wishing to be impolite, my response to Mr Trump’s offer is just two words, the second of which is OFF!

Pete Rowberry

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