IF I am forced to self-isolate despite being fine, I’ll starve. I am one of those in two of the at-risk groups – elderly and disabled.

Normally I shop for heavy/bulky items online around once a month but buy fruit/fresh vegetables much more frequently locally in small amounts. Today I went to put in my online order as usual only to discover that every slot for the next three weeks is taken. I tried other supermarkets’ online delivery – no better.

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Apart from at Christmas I’ve never seen this before – I can usually get a slot the next day or day after. The result is that I’m actually going to have to go out much more frequently because of the difficulty of carrying anything heavy. Another ramification of the “I’m all right Jack” mentality just like the hoarding that’s clearing shelves.

There’s not much point in being told to shop online or get someone to do so for you if you have to wait three weeks. But, hey, it’s only the old and disabled and they’re dispensable.

Jess Mitchell
via thenational.scot